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Driver Group, Pirelli’s Official Workshop Network of Tyres&Mechanics, was looking for a national brand awareness campaign which also could drive sales.

They had two objectives: communicate the confidence of their workshops thanks to their great quality and differentiate from the rest of workshop networks which all had a low cost image, easy joke communication and inelegant advertising.

The budget was limited to less than 9.000 € in digital paid and 8.000 € to cover production.


Inspired by our mythical Pirelli's Calendar, we created one that gave prominence to villages of Spain in risk of disappearing: The Empty Spain Calendar.

Empty Spain is a major social Spanish challenge used to define rural areas which have significantly lost their inhabitants in the past years.

It broadcasted 12 remote villages throughout the territory and provided routes which allowed to visit these villages with total confidence in your car.

We created a PR campaign around national, local and category media.

Calendars could be found in our mechanical workshops, and in a website which amplified content with local stories and interactive routes to get there by car.

Besides bringing close the brand to consumers, and constructing an image based in confidence, the campaign gave visibility to empty Spain’s problem in national media.


Based on a cultural insight relevant to our audience; Empty Spain, we created the campaign.

Its main focus was to give visibility to remote villages and, at the same time, encourage people to visit them with total confidence in their cars.

We targeted different audiences: Category, local, national media, and final consumer.

We launched adhoc press releases for each segment. For example, for local media we focused in villages of the areas selected for the calendar.

We sent physical calendars with personalized letters to media and generated a series of relevant content sharing it with them too.

Category and local media were the first to talk and give coverage to the action. We quickly got to main national media, generating a great impact.

Obtaining interviews with mayors, neighbors and our client’s marketing department in diverse TV stations, radio and press.

The campaign was amplified with a small Social Media campaign.


The major touchpoint of the campaign was the calendar which illustrated 12 villages in risk of disappearance with beauty nature shots, local stories and characteristics of the most iconic elements of each town.

Each year, the calendar cover was starred by a group of neighbors and majors of the village which also formed part of the interviews used to create the Social Media assets.

For an optimized use of the calendar, each month included a QR code which allowed to download routes to these villages to get there safely by car.

A calendar which was not only a calendar. It was amplified with digital content in a website with a clean and user-friendly consumer journey which allowed people to discover more content about these villages.

Calendars could be found in mechanical workshops, and we sent them too to category, local and mass media which quickly covered the news.


A first calendar was launched in June 2020, obtaining great impact at national scale. After its success, in April 2021, we launched its second edition obtaining a better success.

The brand had no major budget and was looking for a strong Branded Content idea that could be partly funded by other brands.

Historic results for the category. With an investment in media of less than 9.000 €:

· More than 30.000.000 of audience reach.

· More than 500.000 € in earned media.

Mechanical Workshop Network with the highest growth of the year:

· Sales Q1 2021 +6,54% vs Market

· +6,87% turnover compared to the previous year.

We appeared in mass media channels with interviews and exclusive contents at prime time. We generated conversation around a National Issue and placed the brand in the middle of the conversation.

A relevant idea that even other brands sponsored. 11 brands related to the automotive network fell in love with the idea and decided to sponsor it contributing with 91% of the total expenses (advertising agency, brand

ambassador, production and media).

From a total cost of 80.000€, the brand’s only cost was of 7.200€.

Therefore, with almost a non-existing investment of the brand, it was possible to produce and communicate the campaign achieving historic results for all the category.

The calendar has become something iconic; many villages are looking forward to appear in it, in following years, as the campaign has generated a positive impact not only for the brand, but also for villages.