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Enter the room

NEDD, Paris / RED CROSS / 2018

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“Enter the Room” is an Augmented Reality app that transports you into the harsh reality of war and conflict.

It begins with you using your iPhone to create a virtual doorway in the real-world by simply scanning the floor. Once created, you can walk through the bedroom door and experience the story unfold.

The immersive experience takes you through four years of a child’s life as war slowly takes over their world, and you get a firsthand account of how war can completely alter lives.


"Enter the room" is an app created for the International Committee of the Red Cross that transports you into the harsh reality of war and conflict with a powerful experience that leverages a combination of Augmented Reality, 3D audio and haptics.

The AR experience was made with Apple's ARKit technology, and is available on iPhone (6S or higher).

The application was revealed in preview at Davos during the World Economic Forum in January 2018, and was released on the Apple App Store in March 2018.


The application experienced an unprecedented ratings success for a digital project of the Red Cross, and also generated a lot of media coverage (TV, radio, paper and digital).

The feedback of the users (and the journalists) totally matches with the objective of the project: throughout the whole story, users get the experience of this difficult situation and maybe feel frustrated because they can’t change the course of things, but in the end, they realize they can act, by supporting the actions of organizations like the ICRC.

They realize that the NGO’s actions on the ground save people who find themselves in this situation—trapped in their own home without access to medical care or food.

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