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In the last 10 years, over 4.000 people have died because of careless drivers, mostly pedestrian children.

Osev (Citizen road safety organizations) needed to generate a campaign to raise awareness among Chileans during national holidays, the time with the highest consumption of alcohol and accidents in the year.

Reduce the number of accidents during national holidays. The date with the highest number of accidents in Chile, a statistic that has increased every year for the last 10 years.


All Chileans over 18 years old with a driver's license.

We divided the groups by attitudinal and age profiles, whom we contacted on instagram through inlfuencers related to their tastes to invite them to go to Airbnb where the idea was presented.

We design a different message for each of the profiles, during the national holidays the leases are exhausted so the inflcuencers offer last minute data on available rooms. If the target was a young group, an influencer according to them invited them to swipe to go to a link with an option available in a high demand sector, or if the target is part of an adult group with a family, the influencer offered them a rental information for a family in a quiet place.


We document three empty bedrooms and we published in Airbnb. The weekend prior to the national holiday several influencers offered the best rental tips for national holiday, available when everything was already leased. When swiping up the story, you entered one of the three bedrooms that had been empty for more than six years. Turning Airbnb into an online exhibition.

The campaign lasted from 9 to 18 September, with digital coverage throughout the country.


The exhibition was seen by more than one and a half million people over the weekend prior to the national holidays. With zero media investment we reached 5 million people.

With a media coverage of over 40.000 dollars.

Helping to decrease by 46% the number of traffic accidents in comparison to the same period last year.