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Puy du fou, is a historical theme park in Vandee, France with more than 2 million visitors every year. The park is split into 26 main shows each running for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. The Cinescenie, the history retrospective show, is the biggest one, played only 28 times a year, with each time 2400 actors, 120 horsemen and 4000 volunteered extras called « Puyfolais ». The castle of Puy du Fou, is classified as a historical monument. The Puy du Fou is also one of the rare theme parks who won a Thea Classic Awards. Le Puy du Fou offers a journey back in time: from the Middle Ages to the First World War, visitors can relive the great events of history in shows and share the fate of heroes for a day or forever and forget all about the 21st century!


Most of the production design work is actually to be credited to Puy du Fou and its existing installations. More than 70 professions (writers, set designers, costume designers, trainers, stuntmen, technicians, gardeners, etc.) put their expertise and skills in common to serve creations. Trained at Le Puy du Fou, those specialists bring stories to life in magnificent shows.

It was of course necessary to adapt the show stages to transform them into film sets in terms of technical feasibility for filming (levelling) and of course decor. This was done by enriching the vegetation, bringing a stronger atmosphere thanks to costume props and set details.

The decoration preparation took a week in Paris and a week of installation at Le Puy du Fou. It was necessary to set up a 300m2 studio for on-site painting and a moving studio to go from set to set on the 55ha parc.

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