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PLAZA FILMS, Sydney / AMAZON / 2018

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We open on a cute dog dropping a ball down in front of camera, by a beautiful pool. He chases the ball as it bounces along the pool deck – bounce, bounce, into the water. He hesitantly approaches, scared to jump in for the ball. Search bar pops up, quickly typing: ‘Floaty’. Cut to water level POV of the dog wearing a shark floaty, happily cruising along with ball in mouth.

Cut to a toddler floating in the pool with water-wings. We hold on this graphic frame of the floating toddler, his wondrous smile slowly fades as he bobs in the water, his eyes widen at what is coming towards him. We’re watching the realisation sink in, ending on what we imagine is the moment before the kid screams out in terror. Now the search bar comes up: ‘Swim Nappies’. A simple, funny one-two.

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