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PROXIMITY, Boulogne billancourt / HAAGEN DAZS / 2018


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Haägen-Dazs, one of the leading premium ice cream brand in France was facing very aggressive competitors trying to replace the brand’s domination in one of the key Ice Cream consumption moment: when you come back from work and just chill and watch a movie at home.

The Brief: Find a new relevant touchpoint creating a new appeal for Häagen-Dazs in this very disputed moment.

The Objective: Get more consumers to discover how having the best Ice Cream when watching a movie is the only way to get the ultimate “sofa experience” they are craving for.


Exträa HD by Häagen-Dazs

The first ever movie viewing option that includes ice cream delivery.

An innovating service implemented in France’s biggest video-on-demand provider.

Presented as a brand new video format supplanting HD or Full HD, Exträa HD became the living proof that the ultimate home-movie experience is not only a matter of video format (because nothing compare to the pleasure you get from watching a good movie with the perfect Ice Cream in hand).


Häagen-Dazs’s main target are women aged 25yo to 35yo that are passionate foodies for whom a good moment is not complete if it does not include the “sweet treat” that fits.

As for this target one of the best moment of the day is their home-movie chill on the evening when they are back from work, we decided to provide them with a powerful and relevant solution that will keep this moment perfect thanks to Häagen-Dazs.

Our strategy was based on the following insight : “it’s only when you start watching your favorite movie that you realize you don’t have Ice Cream in you fridge anymore”

Extäa HD brings a direct and contextualized media solution to this problem in order to secure this moment as “the best moment of the day” as perceived by the target.


Exträa HD was created in partnership with My TF1, the largest VOD platform in France, Haagen-Dazs created a new viewing option to improve every movie:

The Extra HD button.

In a single click, users can now instantly choose their most beloved Haagen-Dazs flavor to go with their film, and have it delivered in less than 30 minutes, exactly when the movie really starts.

Available from 6 to 11pm, exactly when VOD viewership and ice cream consumption are at their highest rates, Häagen-Dazs created the ideal option to buy ice cream in the perfect place and at the perfect time.

This is to date the first time ever than an Ice Cream brand and a famous media brand like TF1 (#1 TV Channel in Europe) build this kind of partnership.


With this initiative, Häagen-Dazs reached 2.7 million potential new customers (on TF1 VOD).

The total reach of the campaign was also improved by the important number of press mentions of the initiative in French’s most famous lifestyle and movie-related magazines and media websites.

The main business outcome was that by turning a video-on-demand platform into a permanent e-commerce platform, Häagen-Dazs generate a large amount of incremental sales that would have never occurred otherwise.

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