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CLEMENGER BBDO SYDNEY / undefined / 2013

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The Eye-Controller technology was initially developed for an advertising campaign, which allowed users to move an object in the real world via their webcam using only their eyes. However, as eye-tracking technology becomes increasingly deployed in laptops, tablets, and smartphones, we felt that it had a much wider application - most notably in the health-care industry, as an aid for disabled people with impaired mobility.

To develop the technology, we worked with developers and engineers to build WiFi-controlled robots. Then we reprogrammed, hacked and developed new facial recognition technology that reads users’ eye movements via their webcam, and relays the commands directly to the robots in real time.

The technology is designed so that people can navigate or maneuvre any mechanical device with a wireless receiver in it, to wherever they like, simply by focusing their eyes on where they want it to go. No investment or funding has been received to date.


Looking forward, our mission is to bring the eye-controller into broader use. Ultimately, we believe it could help people with impaired mobility to regain their independence and live without the assistance of nursing staff or family.

However, we also believe this technology could become widely used by other industries including the gaming industry as well as the military. Commercially, the technology also offers new interactive opportunities in advertising.