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We worked with Nobumichi Asai and Studio WOW to create, “Connected Colors”—a light installation that explores nature through technology. With Intel inside, Mr. Asai was able to use mapping technology to project moveable “makeup” across a woman’s face—makeup that moved across her face on its own and with her face as she moved.

Mr. Asai uses the human face much like a filmmaker uses the big screen. With his Intel-powered works of art, a human face can become a tribal mask, a waterfall of tears, a blooming flower—any kind of digital skin you could imagine.


To create the makeup animation, Mr. Asai and team created a 3D scan of the woman’s face using complex scanning technology. The team then created 3D motion graphics based on the woman’s facial measurements and the patterns we wanted to create.

Those graphics—essentially “replacement skin”—were projected onto her face live like a mask, thanks to real-time face-tracking (five infrared-sensing cameras pick up on infrared markers placed discreetly on her face.)

With the tracking in place, the cameras and markers tell a computer featuring the Intel 6th Gen Core i7-6700 processor the exact angle, rotation and axis of her face. Then, in real time, the digital makeup is projected onto her face.


This technology will most likely be utilized in ways to further creative pursuits of film, art, filmmaking, and photography. But in the future individuals may be able to hack their own faces using 3D projections to create their own digital makeup. As part of Intel’s “Experience Amazing” campaign, this film has received the most attention on YouTube with over 1.7 million views of the video.

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