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Y&R ITALY, Milan / COOP ITALIA / 2015

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COOP, the Italian supermarket chain, was born in 1967 as a consumer co-op company, always committed to protect consumers’ interests. In 2014 COOP launched the first private label condom range in Italy, predominantly targeting young adults. We had to raise awareness and create buzz around it, activating a precise purchase behaviour and at the same time delivering an educational message about safe sex to youngsters. No Italian supermarket has ever ventured into the condom niche, dominated by two major manufacturers with a strong heritage. We decided to leverage on the trust that COOP stands for and… make it sexy. The product name itself, Fallo Protetto, contains an educational message (literally “Do it Safe” but in Italian also meaning “Protected Penis”). Finally, common with own brand products, Fallo Protetto costs half the price of its competitors: thus making it even more accessible to young people.


Contagion has turned into a positive thing for once! As a result of our viral campaign this has been one of the most successful launches ever! After one month COOP sold 10.000 pieces: this number is aligned with market leaders. The Jackal viral video clips reached 8,3 million views in 3 weeks, far more than the COOP objective of 150.000. 34.000 Facebook users interacted with our messages just on the first day of the campaign: our posts registered a double click through rate compared to benchmarks for similar campaigns. But most of all, safe sex increased!

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