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Family Affection Account

TAOBAO, Beijing / ALIBABA / 2018

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On Feb. 1st, 2018, Alibaba officially rolled out "Family Affection Account”, as part of its effort to build a brand-new relationship with users. Users Log onto Taobao, and click on the Family Affection Account to create a "father" or "mother" role. You can either invite parents to register new accounts or directly bind their Taobao accounts with yours. With the Account, parents would have a customized Taobao homepage with their kids' portrait on a floating window. They could easily contact with their kids, send product links and ask for their kids' advice with one simple click on any pages. Parents could choose either "Help Pay" or "Add-on Pay" even if their own accounts are not binded with any debit card or credit card. As the traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming, we thought it very appropriate to target “family” on this occasion.


The "comedy goddess" Jia ling, announced the beginning of the Spring Festival gala and Taobao's cross-screen interaction on the CCTV Spring Festival gala. Following the instructions on the TV, the audience opened their mobile Taobao to participate in grabbing red pockets. There is a giveaway of 600 million worth of red pockets and prizes with four rounds of lottery tickets during the gala. The highest value of prizes are 49999 of 1000 quotas “ empty shopping cart”, each round also contains prizes such as coupons, cash bonus. Children for parents to open the family account, as long as one person winning family can win together.


The total number of viewers of gala at home and abroad is 1.31 billion. According to data from Taobao , more than 100 million households participated in the interaction , they were distributed at the Chinese mainland, the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and 212 countries and regions in the world. The Family Affection Account connected all the Chinese people through the mobile Taobao..It showed that the number of family affection account users increased to 60 million during the gala live. Many young people help their parents to register the account. Nearly 7% of receiving users to 60 before birth, they all said: " Taobao is so interesting", More young users say that through this creative interaction, the relationship between themselves and their parents has been brought closer, and more common language is Shared between the family.

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