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HANCOMM, Seoul / HANWHA / 2015

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We began to interview and observe the Baseball fans before the season started, and we discovered that although they were not coming to the stadium they were still cheering their team on through the web, leaving comments as they watched the game broadcasted through their mobile phones. So they still loved their team and were cheering them on, it was just that their methods had changed. We utilized this specific insight and we tried a new attempt to invite them back into the stadium.


The Fanbot is a brand new fan cheering on and off line campaign, a medium that combines both fan cheering and robot mechanism. So after the fans upload their personal photos and customize the face images on their Fanbots and transmit their cheering comments, the comments can be sent to the players through the Fanbots inside the stadium, without the fan actually ever being there. Fans can also shout in unison cheers or conduct fast and slow waves during important moments for the team during the game.


Both baseball fans and athletes are excited about Fanbot, and international media such as BBC, New York Times, NBC have reported articles and news about this unique and innovative fan support culture.

Fanbot has triggered interest not only in the field of sports but from technology technical journals as well, having reached 374.5 million global impressions, and with 87,000 cheer messages sent through Fanbot, the club has reached 27% over their target ticket sales compared to last year. However the real success of the campaign is from the new fan support culture created together b the fans and the Fanbots.

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