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UM, London / COCA-COLA / 2018


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For brands, trying to be teen is Dangerous. Today’s teens get marketing, they know the tricks and they smell the B.S. Teens create their own world by mixing and re-mix mainstream culture to create teen language, symbols and platforms. Like never before they blend the physical and digital in order to filter the world. And by the time brands or parents think they understand, teens have moved on.

Key Insight: No matter how hard we try to fit in, we’ll always stand out. To join teen culture we need real teens to remix us into their language.


We knew we had to do something brave and bold.

The idea was: FantaXYou (FantaByYou).

A collaboration between Fanta and you. Using the “FantaXYou” rally cry, Fanta handed over the brand to teens. Inspiring them to distort their world, and create with Fanta to make the brand their own.

We inspired teens not through block plans, but by activating around real teen moments they actually care about. Behavioural tracking showed us where, when and how teens were having fun with their friends and our investment followed.

Teens chose snapchat, so we did too. Working with teens and influencers we collaborated 90 days of exclusive filters and lenses to give teen the tools to take over. We distributed these tools through Snapcodes on all Fanta owned channels. The largest distribution of Snapcodes in European history.


The results were incredible. Teens created over 42 million pieces of content for Fanta!

The Snapcodes alone received 1.14 million unlocks, a European record. Once unlocked, teens spent over 40s playtime exploring Fanta themed lenses and filters (2.54 X industry benchmark).

Spain broke internal Coca-Cola Company records for earned media by 3.4% (above share a coke). Germany re-wrote the book of branded handles in Snapchat with 6.6m organic story views and winning the 2017 webvideo award.

It was clear we were now part of their world.

Using influencers to inspire teen creation saw our creative work harder than ever

• Ad Relevance up 54%

• Ad persuasion up 59%

Sales followed across all 14 markets

• Teen penetration rose 3.3%

• Volume sales increased 3.7% YOY

Effectively double all our objectives making 2017 was one of the best years for Fanta in European history.

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