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FEEDitBAG - The first bag that gives life


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To put pressure on the retailers and to clarify the need of sustainable bags, we invented FEEDitBAG. It is the first bag that gives life instead of taking it. Every bag has different fruit- and vegetable seeds on it. After being a shopping bag, FEEDitBAG becomes a bag for organic waste that can be directly composted to grow new life. This is possible, because it is 100% bio-degradable and completely made of renewable resources.

FEEDitBAG is made of Mater-Bi that is produced out of corn-starch. The design was printed with water-based colours. This makes the bag 100% compostable in only ten weeks. The bag also degrades in water. On each bag, we placed seeds and highlighted them through our design. The CTA was directly integrated into the design, so each bag challenges the customers to change their consumption behaviour. Instructions were printed on the back.



For the initial launch of FEEDitBAG we collaborated with a flagship-store of Europe’s biggest grocery chain: EDEKA Scheck-In Center in Frankfurt. The market uses 150,000 to 200,000 plastic bags per month; more than a million every year. For the launch, we replaced all regular fruit and vegetable bags for one month.

We also wanted to collaborate with zero waste and vegetarian/vegan influencers. But before we could send out our samples, FEEDitBAG went viral. It sparked conversations on social media and generated online articles from all over the world. Soon requests from TV shows and exhibitions followed.


We launched FEEDitBAG on April 6th in 2017 and even today, we receive business requests and find new articles and comments on social media platforms worldwide.


Only with our initial launch at EDEKA, we achieved a reduction of 150,000 of plastic bags in just one month and one market. Because of the high use of bags for fruits and vegetables, the manufacturing costs are competitive.

By now, FEEDitBAG was shared more than 50.000 times and featured on TV, like on the most popular morning show Télématin on France 2. We made more than 12.5 million people react on social networks and created more than 9 million PR impressions worldwide. Private persons as well as retailers from all over the world are now requesting FEEDitBAG.

Global supermarket chains like REWE, Intermarché, Carrefour, Hornbach and EDEKA as well as smaller ones contacted us. In total, we sold 1.5 million bags to European retailers by now.

As a result to the positive feedback, we are working to launch an e-shop in the close future, where you can order different packages. Also, we are planning to release a new edition of FEEDitBAG with different seeds and designs each spring.