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PHD, Milan / SEAT / 2021

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SEAT is the Barcelona car brand with the youngest customer base on the market. Optimism and boldness is part of SEAT DNA.

To always keep a strong connection between the brand and the youngest target, SEAT built a strong communication strategy related to the biggest passion of Millennials and GenZ: MUSIC, searching and activating all the possible touchpoints

Taking advantage of the fast growth of TikTok in Italy during the last year, SEAT entered into the social media more like a user than an advertiser getting the approval of the target who participate with a enthusiasm.

Thanks to the #SEATchallenge the brand reinforced the link between brand territories and SEAT target and increase both ad recall and brand awareness!


The first automotive brand to debut on TikTok, SEAT Italy leveraged the TikTok Hashtag Challenge package to bring to life the inflatables from the Feel the Beat campaign, recalling the summer campaign’s mood and vibe and engaging with a wider audience. This was a highly immersive and participatory experience due to the nature of the platform, and a natural extension of the existing campaign.

The interaction with our adults 18-44 audience was not limited to the only ad and sponsoring.

Playing on the brand name, SEAT launched the #SEATChallenge Hashtag.

The projects involved popular local creators to engage organically and authentically the Tik Tok audience and to invited users to embrace a summer mood through the showcased "inflatable flamingo dance.

SEAT urged Tik Tok audience to emulate the choreography and to use the flamingo’s stickers on the video with SEAT music.


The partnership started the 1st October and consists in a teaser phase with standard Ads that permit SEAT to be the first automotive brand in Italy that advertise on TIKTOK.

Later, SEAT launched the #SEATChallenge that ran from 16th to 21st October.

The challenge was launched with a tutorial by the SEAT ambassador and influencer Giulia Penna that included tutorials and context for the challenge. Local creators then took on the challenge themselves and encouraged their followers to do the same. Two further TikTok’s solutions Ads contribute to increase participation:

“One Day max in feed” that ran for a single day and appeared natively within the top personalized ads in the audience’s For You feeds alongside other user-generated content.

In-Feed Ad to help increasing awareness and driving users to the challenge page.


SEAT’s #Challenge reached more then 66k participants and recorded more than 208mio video views, 27mio interactions with an engagement rate of 13%.

In terms of user-generated content we registered over 146,000 videos created under the #SEATchallenge.

The One Day Max In-Feed Ad performed far and above the benchmarks for the country, accruing a click-through rate of 1.02% to the challenge page. The In-Feed Ad also surpassed expectations, achieving an impressive click-through rate of 1.43% and an engagement rate of 5.5%.

The brand lift study showed a + 3,6% in terms of brand awareness uplift and 13,7% on AdRecall.

SEAT’s campaign met and overtook benchmarks in terms high number of views, engagements and click which highlights how aligned the SEAT customer base and TikTok community are.

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