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At the popular Indian festival called "Gokul-Ashthimi", a group of men (called Govindas) form a human pyramid to reach and break the earthen pot, suspended from a height. Typically the pyramid can hold its weight only for 2-4 minutes. The neighbours try and elongate the excitement by throwing water, making the pyramid lose balance as everything becomes slippery.

In our film, while this revelry is happening, something unusual happens. Post the 1st pyramid formation to break the pot, the small boy on the apex, eggs the pyramid on, to find the next pot. To our surprise, the pyramid without crumbling starts moving as a whole. The Pyramid travels through narrow lanes effortlessly, and speeds to break the next pot. The film ends with a boy splashing water on one of the guys in the pyramid, washing off the colour to reveal the Fevicol logo. Super appears - ‘The Ultimate Adhesive’.


160 people forming the human pyramid, 100 background artists and a 224 member crew that includes color-explosions experts, water team, engineers, medical emergency staff, and tech teams. Total of 484 people come together to pull-off this mamoth feat of recreating the gokulasthami festival in the Chawls (cluster dwellings) of Mumbai. Film was shot over 3 days in 2 locations with a miniscule budget of 288,000 USD inclusive of Music & post-production.

Keeping the directors dream (rather stubborness), for getting everything in camera, the film employs no post technique. Only clean-ups. This was achieved with the help of a specially designed and engineered structure. The director needed the structure to be solid to ensure safety of 160 boys, bear the weight (approx 13 tonnes), yet not be rigid, accommodate for body momentum and allow them to run at full speed. The film was made in 40 days from start to finish.

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