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Female genital mutilation is a brutal practice that affects millions of girls worldwide and it’s affecting a growing number in European nations. Currently, over a hundred thousand girls are at risk in countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the UK. To complicate matters, FGM is a difficult issue to directly address. The very nature of the subject is uncomfortable to talk about, which only makes it easier to ignore. Furthermore, many people in Europe prefer to think of FGM as something that happens in impoverished and far away places. Thinking this way is easier than confronting the fact that this horrific practice actually happens close to home.

To change the fate of girls in Europe and all over the world, the issue must be brought out into the open. Rather than shying away from the horror of FGM, this campaign confronts it. It faithfully represents Type 3 FGM in a way that’s rarely presented in mainstream media.


In this campaign, the flags of six European nations were mutilated and sewn back together again. The flags create an emotional connection with viewers, at the same time alarming them with the brutality with which the flags were treated. Just like the victims of FGM, these iconic symbols of freedom and liberty are violated and degraded, instantly provoking Europeans to act against such senseless cruelty. Over a period of several weeks, the campaign ran in over 80 universities across the UK, in out of home locations in London and regional daily newspapers.


Many anti-FGM organisations address the need to help girls at risk in African nations, but 28 Too Many also works to help girls much closer to home. This campaign brought this aspect of FGM to the forefront of the discussion, and raised 28 Too Many’s profile within the FGM sector. The thought-provoking imagery was frequently shared in social media, further raising the profile of the organisation. What’s more, the campaign encouraged text-in donations, helping 28 Too Many continue their work to end FGM everywhere.

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