FIFA World in Roblox - Connecting New Generations with FIFA World Cup™

JUNG VON MATT AG, Hamburg / FIFA / 2023

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Football, being the most watched and played game globally, needed to maintain its growth, especially among the new generation that mostly spends its time online, playing games like Roblox. FIFA aimed to bridge this generational divide by integrating football into Roblox, creating FIFA World - an ever-changing metaverse experience. The goal was more than online engagement; it was about nurturing the love for football among the next generation.


The creative idea was simple yet impactful: bring football into THEIR game by creating FIFA World - an immersive metaverse experience in collaboration with Roblox. This wasn't about merely placing football inside a game but crafting a metaverse that mirrors the excitement, unpredictability, and dynamism of a real-world FIFA World Cup™. Through this, a massive football-themed platform within Roblox was created.


The strategy was straightforward: meet Gen Z where they are. To expand FIFA's demographic reach and resonate with Gen Z, we integrated football into Roblox, a platform where most of the new generation is spending its leisure time. The creation of FIFA World aimed at providing a virtual playing field that not only entertains but also fosters a deeper connection between the fans and football.


FIFA World was built as a living, breathing ecosystem that constantly evolves within Roblox. It showcased football-themed games, treasure hunts, unlockable rewards, sponsor activations, and a real-time user experience. Utilizing official FIFA match data, legendary World Cup goals were recreated in Roblox, providing an engaging, real-time user experience. Additionally, you could even talk directly to football legends like Pedri and Lena Oberdorf, who appeared in their Roblox form.


The efforts yielded impressive results with 83% positive ratings, over 10 million videos viewed, and 20 million visits to date. FIFA World ascended as the #1 Sports Brand Experience in Roblox, surpassing NFL, MAN CITY, AUSTRALIAN OPEN, AND WIMBLEWOORLD. We have established a strong connection with football, which showcased the successful blending of a traditional sport with modern digital platforms.

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