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FILM 507

141 WORLDWIDE, Madrid / SOGECINE / 2003

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The aim was to inform journalists about the film release and to provide them with the information they needed to be able to write articles. We put together a press book which immersed the reader in the action story line and intrigue of the film: intriguing drama, a few corrupt characters, and good and evil going head to head. All this led us to create a police file that revealed the identities of the characters and gave us a forum to be able to show the different actors' records in a very clear, yet attractive way.It was also accompanied by a multimedia CD from which all the information could be downloaded.


Sent by Sogecine to more than 3,000 journalists in order to present the Enrique Urbizu film 'La Caja 507' to the media. Great support from the press and film reviews.

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