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Financial independence for women


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Total Net Assets Value under management for customers (not corporate) in Russia is14 bln $ at the end of 2018. Our company has 500 mln $ NAV (6th place in Asset management ranking with 3.5% share of market).

There are 616 thousands customers in Asset management market at the end of 2018.

52 901 coustomers in our company.

Before project we was on 6th place for TIC (thematic index of citing) with 0.98. During project we get 4th place with 3.45. (1st place - 37.8 TIC, 2d - 8.4, 3d - 4.06)


In the context of the project «Financial independence for women» we do PR activities called «Invest in yourself» and drew a parallel between main women areas of interests ( family, career, health, travelling and etc) and investment activities. Our CEO Viktoria Denisova took responsibility to promote women financial independence as a leader of our project and role model for our TA. We made lot of education activities, take part in forums and conference as KOL, publish articles as an experts in investment and support Financial literacy National program. We don’t force our client but call them to action. We use a client-friendly language to communicate with our TA and present investment in line with FMCG.


Our company claimed that woman can be financially independent without her husband support as it was earlier and call Russian women not to hesitate contact us as a competent assistant to analyze their financial problems and searching new opportunities.

Our main difference with the majority of Russian asset management companies are:

- don’t identify investment as a complex financial instrument but as FMCG that you easily can buy online.

- have a social responsibility to our clients ( free financial literacy events, support of social organizations and etc)

- building unique TA – women from 18 y.o. with any income level ( in contrast to common TA – man,35-50 with average income)

- use women magazines and media as a new approach to popularize investment among women


In 2018

- published educational articles in relevant media included women magazines

- conduct public discussions and other BTLs with Russian stars, examining how women can achieve success, competently invest in themselves and be financially independent

- designed our website inspired by inquiries from women, helping them to create financial plans as well as to get answers to their questions

- organized a series of training classes with for the largest chain of children's clubs

In 2019 we

- continued publish educational articles in media and BTLs for our TA

- became a sponsor of a female entrepreneurship project «Moms can do anything» that received a wide response and support from public authorities (show female entrepreneur photos and stories in citi parks)

- produced a video for 8th of March (Holiday - International Women's Day) where we demonstrated that a woman is an investor by nature