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The numbers of financial market firms are increasing and becoming more competitive all over the world. Many financial companies try to find out how to differentiate between others within this field. Fincap law has a lot of specialties and professional services but they didn’t have a proper visual identity system. Although it was not a company with a large budget, our goal was to create a sustainable and extensible brand in the future. In order to do this, we defined a new brand system and presented its own unique brand image of Fincap law as a firm which provides efficient and high-quality legal services to clients in the financial sector through the use of market-leading technology. In addition, the new brand system would help the brand clear and easy to recognize and communicate with Fincap law’s clients at various marketing points.


We initially contemplated ways to effectively portray Fincap’s unique brand, whilst simultaneously reflecting on its principles. In consideration of the scope, a law firm generally requires a conforming and relevant representation, most typically in a concise and corporate manner, yet provides a stable impression. All subsequent research was based on these underlying notions. The later integration of numerous geometric vectors formulated six framed-boxes with interlaced typeface disposition.


The fundamental brand design of Fincap Law had been divided into three main elements, (i) the plus symbol, (ii) square frames, and (iii) lattice nodes. Each element has its own implicit meaning with the firm’s core values. These are respectively, (i) continuous improvement, (ii) legal protection, and (iii) networking. The three core values were combined and infused into the design to reveal the distinguishing identity of Fincap Law. This method was used to identify applicable models with definitive qualities pertaining to the final representation, including analysis and evaluation of devised prototypes, which had later been filtered. We further formulated ideograms that would appeal to audiences whilst encapsulating relevant meaning. Our novel designs had to be internally propagated, to marketing and interior designs teams, which later led to the approval for use as the official company logo. This brand system has been reflected in the website/SNS and the respective stationery designs.


The design components of Fincap law’s signature logo were derived from elementary, yet salient geometric elements such as edges and node-points. As discussed previously, Fincap law’s values had been reflected in its brand layout as three succinct design components in the form of a plus, a frame, and nodes. This had been suffused across as a replicated pattern creating a lattice, which results in a unique connotated brand-image, emphasizing professionalism and specialism. This has produced a new visual identity of Fincap law and led to a positive assessment of the new image internally and externally.