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Activating a movie partnership globally adds many layers of complexity. All associated rights need to be negotiated to a very granular level. For example, we needed to work closely with the Screen Actors Guild to ensure movies actors were recognised for their voice contribution, with rights granted on a regional basis.

We had to comply with a number of laws around competitions, which varied from market to market and necessitated adjustments to our activation in each. For example, in Brazil it is a legal requirement that competitions contain a cultural question as a tie break and in Italy all competitions must be approved by a government body.

Beyond this, we were also challenged to make a compelling connection between the Samsung Galaxy Note II and Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph in a way that respected Disney guidelines on IP usage and movie promotion.

Disney characters couldn’t be portrayed directly endorsing the phone or used in any context outside of their own “magical” world. We needed to be very creative with our IP usage. For all messaging we worked closely with Film Makers - including movie Director Rich Moore - to ensure the tone of the campaign was aligned with the movie.


Our campaign 'Find Ralph!' fused the movie and product stories. We created a digital campaign hub for Disney and Samsung, integrated with Disney's site. Visitors found Ralph with the Galaxy Note II by completing games and tasks .

Our hub showed off the product. People swiped through content, watched trailers showcasing the Note II's creative abilities and played games using its Best Photo and Easy Clip features.

We inspired consumers to become creators and offered them the tools to do so. One campaign video starred Disney’s Wreck-it-Ralph animator, Bill Shwab, showing how to draw Ralph on the Note II. At Disney stores, shoppers watched Bill's video and used the device to create their own Ralph, and take it home as a framed memento.

Samsung and Disney marketed our hub to their 60 million social fans, while we leveraged characters and Note II features through rich media on movie sites.


Millions searched for Ralph; hundreds of thousands found him. Our campaign hub attracted 3.5m views. Over 106,000 completed the games and entered our competition; an unparalleled completion rate. Users spent a decade collectively on the interactive content at an average of over 4 minutes each.

We smashed our Facebook and Twitter targets many times over, creating Samsung Mobile's best social media campaign ever, with organic reach generated of over 5.7 million through our #findralph hashtag.

Results from our research partner showed brand awareness and favorability rocketing five times above the industry average shift, while purchase intent climbed four times higher.

With the movie director and animators involved, our campaign videos were viewed more than the official movie trailer.

A pretty good sign that our Hollywood adventure paid off.

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