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The centenary year based on open, participatory activities and networks invited everybody to build and experience the Finland 100 year. The theme of the year, together, was in the heart of all activities, communications being the key tool. Many unusual and courageous solutions for a public sector organization were made. The model developed for building the official programme together with all Finns and friends of Finland was completely new in Finland and apparently it is also unique in the whole world.

The centenary year of independence of Finland became a phenomena that arose feelings, made people participate and communicate throughout the year. The strategic choices in communications and quality content were the key to success. Communications of Finland 100 was planned and carried out in an exceptionally tight cooperation between the client and the partner agency – as one team according to the theme, together.


Communications of Finland 100 proceeded in three overlapping phases: planning and preparations in 2015 and 2016, execution in 2017, reporting in 2018. The centenary year participated actively in the discussion in the social media, supported the traditional media in its work and served the stakeholders widely through communications providing them with ready-made contents and tools. Communications and content production were made in three languages and the whole toolbox of communications was in use. A news desk producing hundreds of arcticles, thousands of posts in the social media and tens of press releases and videos was established to support the continuous strategic planning and execution. A media service desk was established to serve the journalists and other stakeholders. Multi-channel communications and content production were intensified during the highlights of the year and various public events like the opening party and the independence day in 2017.


98 % awareness of the Finland 100 centenary year*

5 000 projects in the official programme

800 000 people participated in building the programme

64 000 articles and news in the Finnish media

30 000 000 Finland 100 Facebook reach = 5 x Finland’s population

Record-breaking coverage in the international media for Finland

93% positive or neutral publicity in the media

93% of all coverage was earned or organic

Finns say

93% the centenary year was a success*

71% the independence celebration was more cheerful than before

83% sense of togetherness was strengthened in Finland*

94% Finland’s international reputation improved*

*Finland 100 follow-up study 2015–2018, Statistics Finland