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This wasn't a response to a specific brief, rather a proactive push from the agency to reimagine the automotive shopping experience in a way that appealed to a modern luxury consumer and provided a platform to showcase the brand as a modern, tech forward manufacturer.

Cadillac needed to be more relevant to luxury automotive shoppers in Canada. With heavy competition from European and Asian manufacturers, Cadillac needed to demonstrate its vehicles were suitable for Gen X & the younger Gen Y luxury buyers, by showcasing product relevance and raising desire.

Today’s luxury car buyer is time-starved and more discerning than ever. More often, they start their research online versus at a physical dealership. But that process can be disjointed, confusing and impersonal. As a proactive concept, we wondered, “Could we craft an experience that gave luxe customers the ability to shop from anywhere?”


Cadillac Live is accessible online via web or app and features 10 of the newest vehicles on display in our signature 'Five Finger' layout.

More human, less numbers. Because when your 9-to-5 becomes 10-and-2, who are you?

We created a modular, lightweight UX alongside detailed industrial design in a 950m2 on-demand showroom.

It's a human-centred interface to accelerate discovery.

The seamless experience connects consumers with Live Agents equipped with a custom rig comprised of an HD smartphone + gimbal + wireless headset.

Shoppers get a live, first-person view and can switch to alternate fixed views to explore every detail.

Agents are equipped with a dashboard interface that allows them to push contextual dialogs on an in-video sidebar to the viewer to explore colourways, technology and accessory options on-screen during the session.

We’re open daily with extended late-night hours.


Cadillac’s core target is luxury consumer of 44 years of age, 61% male, with average HHI: $143K, 57% married, 59% with children. They are time-pressed and focused on their careers.

1. They don’t want to visit car dealerships as part of their shopping journey – buyers on average visit 1.6 dealers before purchase, down from 3+ visits 5 years ago. (Maritz)

2. Research online ahead of purchases continues to increase (McKinsey Luxury Survey North America & eMarketer)

3. With busy careers and limited opening hours of dealers, particularly during evenings, the capacity to ask face-to-face questions on vehicles is restricted.

By creating a direct relationship with consumers through a live video link, Cadillac Live allows buyers to speak to knowledgeable Brand Ambassadors and uncover the vehicle most suited to them from the comfort of their sofa, at a time that suits them.


The agency transformed a 10,000-square foot film studio into a first-of-its-kind digital showroom.

The entire idea took 22-months to execute and is available nationwide in Canada with a scheduled expansion this Summer 2019 to further global markets.

Cadillac Live is accessed online at and features 10 vehicles our signature 'Five Finger' showroom layout.


• 1550% longer engagement

• Average session time of 21+ minutes

• +65% test drives scheduled on Week 1 (238 booked)

• 42% of users who booked future reservations opted-in to receive additional communications from Cadillac

• 78% Online Video Completion Rate

• 22.5 M+ Impressions from Cadillac Live coverage from 53 stories

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