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Five Gum 2018 Bounce 2.0 Campaign

MEDIACOM , Guangzhou / MARS / 2019

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Gum category resulted a nosedive in sales among youngsters in the last 5 years, forcing the business to rethink its approach to young consumers. Five Gum was the solution for the hungry millennial youth – a brand that stood for the exhilaration of stepping into the new. Continuing from the momentum of its erstwhile focus on extreme sports, the current challenge was to start generating a wider brand followers and try bring new users to the category.


Five gum used to focus on extreme sports to express its brand message. However, the options of extreme experiences are limited and sometimes far away from mass audience. While intense experience is more common and this led us to leverage the booming gaming phenomena among youth. In China, 67% of the population are gamers who becomes more and more scalable. These gamers were looking for intensity and stimulation – a sense of “flow” that comes from being fully engrossed in the challenges.


To bring to life 5 unconventional flavors of Five Bounce, we partnered with Tencent Game to integrate brand message into one of the most popular mobile games in China– Cross Fire. With over 500 million registered users, it had the scale we needed to make an impact with relevant & engaging video asset, social content and promotion.


Five Gum was embedded into the game as a “juicy grenade” or a “bouncy pad” – enhancing the users experience. Players could earn coupons for 5 Gum in the game, including “Cross Fire Limited Edition Packs”, and many highlight reels from spectacular gaming performances were shared online to the game’s large cohort of followers. This was supported with paid and viral media which reached beyond our core gaming audience to make sure we also reached gamers and non-gamers, together with incentivized mobile ads and social posts with customized content. This drove greater coupon and Limited Edition offer redemptions.Broader audience reached with OOH executions and an interactive experience at hypermarkets to lure the curiosity into the gaming experience.

15s pre-roll 16/07/2018 ~ 12/08/2018 RMB 4 mil 46%

Display 16/07/2018 ~ 22/06/2018 RMB 3.5 mil 40%

Social 16/07/2018 ~ 12/08/2018 RMB 1.2 mil 14%

In-game 16/07/2018 ~ 12/08/2018 Exchanged resource (3mil)


1. Cross Fire Gaming activation led to +40% higher off-take in E-com and in-store than the target.

2. The sales value of Five gum grew by 72.6% (vs year ago)

3. Market share growth by +2.7% (vs year ago).

4. On-pack toolkits redemption rate reached 24.8% (scan/redeem) i.e. 2x compared with benchmark. (Source: Mars )

5. Video viewership achieved over 121% delivery which indicates high likeability

6. CTR is 5% (Index 500 higher than industrial benchmark) showed Intensive immersion to the CONTENT

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