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NEOGAMA/BBH, Sao Paulo / PUMA / 2010

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The solution was to use a format that suggested a connection between the ad and the sneaker’s main feature – its weight. We created 3 commercials with a length of 173 tenths of a second each, highlighting what was important to the client.We chose MTV for the relevance it has among the young, entertainment-focused audience. The new format was negotiated and finally approved, and well-known VJ Marcos Mion supported the campaign.The commercials featured a marker indicating the end of the sequence at 173 tenths of a second. They were starred by Marcos Mion, which further improved the connection between the spots and the target audience.The VJ himself used his blog to stimulate interaction between consumers and the concept through the phrase “173 characters are enough to sum up just about anything”. Readers could post comments with up to 173 characters.


Lots of spontaneous media in blogs and social networks; comments made by celebrities.5 million impressions, 50 million for the project’s viral effect, and 1.15% click-through, considered high in Brazil.Mion’s Blog“You know what the coolest part is? Summarising stuff in 173 grammes: you can do pretty much anything:- Being a fan of this blog in 173 grammes = 20 thousand comments per post!”Top-selling model in the first 2 months after launch, with more than twice the average sales of previous months’ top-sellers.60% of the total PUMA Store volume was sold in the first 2 months.

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