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For Her Age

PROCTER & GAMBLE, Cincinnati / OLAY / 2018


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"For your age" is an insult wrapped in a compliment.

You aren't beautiful for your age. You aren't talented for your age. You aren't smart for your age. You are beautiful, talented and smart, period. It's time to remove "for your age" from the vernacular.


Our campaign ran for 2 weeks and was built around hero content-a film entitled "Photo Shoot"-designed to spark a discussion about women and age. We created short and long form video versions distributed across digital partners including Buzzfeed, Cosmo, NowThis, Refinery29, and Time Inc, and across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat social platforms. To amplify the conversation, we enlisted 196 digital influencers to drive followers to view the videos and share their own stories.


Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) Activity Metrics

-60MM+ reach

-86M clicks

-75 added value stories from Powerhouse Creators

-Content trends

-Majority of KOLs referenced a mother-figure who they witnessed defy age

-KOLs recalled moments when "for your age" was used in a professional environment,

making them feel less-than

Owned Channel Metrics

-Generated 13.2MM views of the "Photo Shoot" hero content video by boosting posts on owned channels, especially Facebook.

-69MM likes/shares

-Average .52% engagement rate

-Instagram: 1.55% engagement rate (3.3MM views, 52M likes)

-Facebook: .18% engagement rate (8.2MM views, 14.5M likes/shares)

-Twitter: .08% engagement rate (2.4MM views, 1.9M likes/shares)

-YouTube: .25% engagement rate (249M views, 622 likes/dislikes)

-Amplified Facebook posts because of positive user reception to the "Photo Shoot" content, as brand fans heavily shaped conversation on this platform.

-The campaign inspired many Facebook users to share positive stories around Olay and ageism.

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