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Ford Super Bowl Fan Journey

BIPOLAR STUDIO, Los Angeles / FORD / 2019

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Ford wanted to skip the traditional TV commercial and engage directly with the fans of the NFL. The goal was to engage the audience in a way that would match the excitement level of the thousands of sports fans attending the Super Bowl. We wanted to give them the ultimate fan experience, one which would live up to the reputation of the big game and let Ford shine.

In addition to promoting the new generation of Ford trucks in their full glory, we needed to leverage Ford's sponsorship of multiple NFL teams and their title as the official sponsor of the Super Bowl and NFL.


We wanted to create a breathtaking cinematic VR experience that takes us through multiple states—each one giving a nod to the corresponding Ford sponsored NFL teams (Texas Cowboys, Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers)—ending in Atlanta, home of Super Bowl LIII.

As the camera soars through the scenic mega vistas, it gains height to reveal the full environment, then, drops lower and flies close to the Ford trucks - all in one seamless flow.

As the camera soars through the scenic mega vistas, it gains height to reveal the full environment, then, drops lower and flies close to the Ford trucks - all in one seamless flow. As the seasons change, so does the cinematography.

We see the new generation of Ford trucks conquering the terrains, and leading. Throughout the experience, we will see them from all the angles, far and close.


The target audience was the hardcore NFL fans that travel from all over the nation to experience the Super Bowl. We decided to run the activation for 10 days leading to the big game during the Super Bowl Live.

Our approach was to place Ford center stage across from Mercedes Stadium at the live event and encourage the event-goers to stop by Ford's footprint. We needed to stand out from all other brands that would be there as well.

The Oculus Go platform was the clear winner as it allowed ease of use and control at the event, amazing quality, and full 360 experience.

Prior to going through the experience we also gathered consumer information that we used to track success.


The activation featured real, new generation Ford trucks parked at Super Bowl paired with an activation booth and different events through the 10 days of Super Bowl Live. The activation would also include photographs and signings with the biggest star NFL players who would be at the Ford footprint.

The hero of the entire set-up was our mobile VR headset placed inside the parked trucks that the consumers would get to put on and experience. This not only allowed the consumer to watch the branded and wildly entertaining VR experience but to also physically see and interact with the Ford truck.

To be able to seamlessly bring our extremely complex VR creative to life, we had to make the experience fully computer generated. The final product features multiple characters from horses, to cowboys, to cardinals, along with vast, beautifully art directed environments, all recorded through one single, continuous camera flow.

One of the biggest challenges, however, was that we had only 9 weeks to pull this all off, from initial concept to delivery. The experience was crafted by a 50-person team of some of the top and most talented artists in lightning speed with no compromise on quality.


The activation was a success across all KPIs. More than 6,000 consumers were engaged through VR and the NFL player and legend photo experience. Of the consumers engaged, 4,098 of them completed the survey and participated in the VR experience.

Attendees also expressed strong interest in the Ford truck lineup with 859 vehicle walk-arounds and an 85% hand raiser rate (the percentage of consumers who chose to receive more information on a Ford vehicle).

The survey also confirmed that Super Bowl Live attendees had a favorable opinion of Ford Motor Company, with 75% of registered consumers rating Ford an 8 or higher on a 10-point scale.

Most importantly, Ford dealers in the Atlanta reported significantly increased sales post-event (specific numbers not disclosed).

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