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Forest of Shooting Stars

BASCULE, Tokyo / MITSUI & CO. / 2017

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Our idea was give a story on the illumination light, not to compete the amount of light balls.

It is difficult to see a star in the bright night sky in the middile of Tokyo.

Because of its good location next to the shrine where people make a wish to God ordinary and defined as the only place where can see meteor visually, we focused on making "Fukutoku Garden" as a new power spot by gathering a lot of attention.

By implementing our invented real-time meteor observation system, "Meteor Broadcaster", we developed a system lighting up illumination when detecting meteor in the sky.

In addition, exprressing the pre-registered wishes launched three times in the sky, supported the ancient folklore that "Your dream will come true If you cast a wish three times to a shooting star."

We promoted as a world's first illumination project connected with meteor.


We set up the following at the venue.

- Illuminations of 40,000 loghts of multi-colored LED that constructed on trees

- Vertical 70 inch screen

?(displays the count up from the previous meteor detection time, display posted wishes from the smartphone)

After invented "MeteorBroadcaster", we developed the notofication system that can send to smartphone, screen, and illumination. We shows tweet with hushtag "#MakeAWishUponAStar" by connecting with twitter and gathered wishes from campaign site on the screen at venue. Moreover, we constracted illumination system that dynamically changes depending on the scale of the meteor and the amount of the wish.

[Sequence of Illumination and Display Production]

1. Waiting for Meteor ... Before detects a meteor, gently shines light with the sonar sound covers entire forest

2. When Meteor Detected ... Lights shines from top to bottom, as if a meteor falls on two tall trees.

3. When Wish deliverd ... Collected wishes from last delevery, light shines from bottom


This unique event of "Forest of shooting star" which linked to meteors picked up and featured in many media such as terrestrial TV programs and net news among various illuminations. As a new power spot in Nihonbashi, we gained the PR effect of over 200 million yen and provide new opportunity for many young generation to visit.

The exposure of related keywords during the event period such as "Nihonbashi", "Fukutoku no Mori" and etc. on SNS, increased by 100 times from the last event in Fukutoku Garden. Our event site also reached increased to 17M access.

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