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Football clubs do not have a target group, they have fans - clubs do not have logos they have crests. Celebrating and appreciating the fan-culture is key along the whole process. Ourselves and Fortuna made every effort to listen to those who make club what it is by putting them first and investors second. Keeping the crest and the colors was a major decision in the course of the project and emphasizing the values embedded in those two elements was therefore the only answer.

The aim of the new corporate design was not a new concept and orientation of the football club, but an appropriate and well thought-out and sustainable extension of the association's profile and of its communication media. Following on from many years of experience tradition of the Fortuna Duesseldorf, the focus of our activities lies on strengthening the newly acquired brand values Tradition, homeland, community and respect.


The new corporate design of Fortuna Düsseldorf is particularly characterised by the redesign of the company typeface "Fortuna Sans", which is based on the well-known logo of the traditional association. The typeface developed exclusively for Fortuna Düsseldorf is used exclusively on all media. Writing is the essential element that not only conveys content, but also reflects the philosophy and history of the association.


The uniquely rounded F of the Fortuna Signet forms the starting point for the construction of the typeface. This gives it an unmistakable character with the literal corners and edges and refers to the not always straightforward history of the club. The unusual letterforms, which have not been designed too complex for the sake of legibility, give the company unique recognition value and allow at the same time the uniform and constant cohesion of the individual business and advertising appearances.


The project meets the eligibility requirements by giving the team a powerful tool in the fight for territory in the first division of the german football league, where it takes not only sporting talent but a good team behind the team and passionate fans to stay on top of the game. Therefore the new branding amplifies the identification with the clubs in times when the chants need to be louder than ever.

The initial release was members only to include valuable supporters early on. The official launch trailer was issued after the event and the vast majority of fans were right on board - even the most notorious critiques, according to Marketing. The daily press picked up the topic celebrating the fan based development process and long after release the design press and social media kept the subject alive.