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Rather than tell first-year university students to take every opportunity that comes their way we showed them what could happen it they did. So we brought to life the idea that ‘Fortune Favours The Brave’. It stared with a small ad pinned to a university noticeboard asking for a student with an original music track to partner up with another student making his first music video. When young musician Sam Verlinden answered the ad he discovered it was no student music video shoot. He would actually be making a professionally directed music video with world famous choreographer Parris Goebel, most recently behind all the music videos on Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ album. With the release of Sam’s original track, remastered by local DJ legend P-Money, and world-class music video his career takes off. This happens in real-time watched by thousands of other music-loving students, all made possible by ANZ bank.


The campaign launched online with a video that went behind the scenes from the moment Sam answered the ad, to his surprise when he discovers who he will actually be making a music video with. This video was uploaded across social media generating conversation, a huge amount of national PR coverage, and was supported by a variety of online paid media. The actual music video featuring Parris Goebel and her dancers followed and the music track was released and made available via Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Youtube, Facebook and on various music blogs. Extra behind the scenes footage, interviews and other material was also released to support the main videos. The campaign lasted 4 weeks and people who had interacted with the campaign were targeted to sign up online to the ANZ Student Account.


ANZ bank was able to reach a fickle youth market by creating a multi-platform, content driven social media campaign, that they wanted to engage with. Total reach was more than 2.5 million, a huge achievement in a small country of just 4.5 million people. Through this engagement brand consideration amongst the target audience soared with the campaign being ‘liked, commented upon and shared’ over 24,000 times on social media. And it worked, with an unprecedented uplift in student account sign ups.

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