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The goal was to raise awareness about the need for the guidance of a Physical Education professional when practicing exercises in a context of sedentary population that had to be inspired to accomplish this task.The insight was the need to demonstrate the gains of the relationship between physical activity and orientation in the eyes of the practitioner and of the one who guides, in different sports modalities, in an emotional-dramatic context, showing the transformation in the lives of ordinary people.We chose the branded content, through 13 real stories of athletes, 13 Physical Education professionals and two former Olympic athletes as hosts.People of various ages, who work, have children and have a normal routine life, but who practice different sports with guidance. People who have managed to maintain a constant healthy life, reaching their goals and improvements in all aspects.We present exciting moments and the mutual respect between athletes and professionals.


The show was launched through its own media campaign in several media channels, totally organic, as if it were part of channel’s grid. The new episodes were broadcast on Saturday mornings, preceded by regular annoucements on the channel itself and on digital media via 15” and 30" videos. After the first run, the episode was replayed on the channel itself and also on Fox Sports2 during the same weekend. On Mondays, the episode was made available on digital media and on the client's social networks. On the Fox Sports and digital media channels, highlights of the 45" to 60" episode were screened throughout the week with a summary of the content. Other pieces and contents were distributed on Fox Sports and on the client's proprietary digital medias through banners, articles, 8", 15", 30" and 60" films. All interactions in these contents were answered, increasing engagement with the content.


The produced content had more than 85 million people impacted, over 3.000 minutes in the air during the series’ 5 months length, besides the available content via streaming. In the off-line, there were 54.5 million impacts. On the digital platforms, we increased the offline result by more than 57% (31.2 million hits). There were 25.5 million reach, 239.000 interactions - 90% of them being positive or neutral . In its own survey contracted by the channel, there was a 28% increase in the perception of the importance of a sports professional guidance. 77% reduction in the perception of those who did not believe in the accompaniment of a Physical Education professional and 80% stated they wanted to perform exercises only with professional accompaniment.