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BBH LA, Los Angeles / GIVE BACK BRANDS / 2013

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Branded entertainment is increasingly pervasive in the US market. Common formats include product placement, sponsored programming, original branded film, branded games and UGC campaigns. However, most activities tend to focus on a single format or platform. What makes this case unique is the integration of multiple branded entertainment formats across platforms, fuelled by an active social media fan base.

Branded entertainment existing outside of standard advertising formats is not regulated in the US. Each media owner applies its own editorial standards to determine if content is appropriate for distribution.


Ensuring that fans were at the center of the idea, we kicked off the campaign with an announcement from Justin Bieber himself on the social video site, Viddy. 30,000 "likes" and 12,000 comments later, the contest was up and running.


Success from an engagement perspective was unprecedented. With zero paid media spend up front, we received nearly 2,000 entries in a 48 hour submission window, which literally crashed the Tumblr servers.

More importantly, the quality of execution from the contestants - in terms of lyrics and performance - were incredible given the time constraints.

Overall, this part of the campaign garnered 526m Twitter impressions and 300,000 unique tweets, with a total estimated "media value" of $12m.

The commercial success of this product launch was simple - the #1 celebrity fragrance launch of 2012 and the #1 selling fragrance of the holidays.

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