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THJNK, Hamburg / IKEA / 2017

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By simply exchanging the product description of FRAKTA that normally is

"Shopping bag", we showed its many other forms of use. In a very simple

yet bold way.


In OOH posters, we showed our users some of the IKEA products and

their "normal" product description. A table is a table. A lamp is a lamp.

Then we took it to Facebook and asked our users to give us their suggestions.

And that's what they did: Fish tank, Potato sack, Candy cone, Laundry

basket, Saucepan, Carneval costume – just to name a few. We invited

all users to tell us how they use FRAKTA. And had a lot of fun watching

the creativity unfold.


The application possibilities for FRAKTA are various – but the reactions

were even more various: Our video quickly gained over 560.000 views and

almost 6.000 reactions. But most importantly: over 1.000 comments sparked

countless discussionsabout how people use FRAKTA. We engaged our users

in an ongoing dialogue – and once more proved that combined creativity is

endless. We gave our secret hero more visibility – and got many new

suggestions on how to use our own product.

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