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With over 16 million Thai Chinese population, Chinese New Year is one of the biggest festivals in Thailand. When families reunite and practice rituals inherited through generations, offering boiled chicken to the ancestors by using incense sticks as a medium, once the incense stick burns out and the ritual is complete, it's time for family gathering and dining together. But nowadays, the ritual has lost connection with the young generation, they love something new, are excited, and have their own way to celebrate Chinese New Year. Our mission is to bring the family together this Chinese New Year, just like our fried chickens always do.


KFC fried chicken Incense Stick, giving incense sticks, a must-use item for prayers to connect with the ancestor in a Finger Lickin’ Good twist! The texture inspired by the crispy skin and full aroma of KFC fried chicken is blended with 11 herbs & spices, crafted for craving. Transform the ritual incense stick into something more exciting while also connecting the young generation to everyone in the family, no matter where they are.


KFC is known for its fried chicken, which family can join and open bucket together.

However, when it comes to Chinese New Year, people usually look for the chicken to practice the ritual it should be boiled chicken as the traditional way never fried chicken before.

Meanwhile, the young generation, they already lost connection with inherit rituals and looking for something new and exciting to celebrate Chinese New Year.

To turn this into our chance, we need to be a solution for connecting the family together in a finger lickin’ good way.

In order to succeed, we cannot simply educate them in the traditional way that older generations have always done.

Our core strategy is to hijack the moment during Chinese New Year and let the young generation engage by themselves.


“KFC Fried Chicken Incense Sticks” are carefully designed with scent specialist and incense maker. A unique texture to present as the KFC fried chicken alike with the 3-layered coating and effects of crunchiness. All 11 organic incense sticks are produced with non-chemical process, natural-based items, the environment is safeguarded in the process, and they are safe for people to use while lighting them during rituals.

The packaging design was modernized while retaining the essence of Chinese New Year to connect all generations in the family.

KFC Fried Chicken Incense Sticks were available on KFC’s social media platform.

We collaborated with a fashion photographer, created a 60 second online video and photo album to announce the Limited Edition item exclusively for Chinese New Year 2023.

It’s quickly sparked interest and debate among all Chinese people, not just in Thailand but across Asia, especially among the Thai-Chinese young generation.


In the end, 82% Positive sentiments exceeded.

It goes up to 95% for the age group under 25.

361K Organic engagements

345 M Reaches

1.5 Billion free PR value

Most importantly, people start using KFC for the ritual

Sales went up 161% compared to last Chinese New Year.

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