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Friends 25th Anniversary Takeover


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2019 brought with it the 25th anniversary of Friends, one of the most iconic television shows in history. AT&T through its partnership with Warner Brothers Television, took the trend of experiential marketing to the next level by bringing it in store at their high profile flagship location in San Francisco. The goal was to grow brand affinity, drive traffic to the retail location and build awareness of the multiple products available across AT&T properties in a fun and innovative way, while providing fans with unprecedented access to the Friends show.


With a focus on utilizing a combination of digital and analog experiences, the design intent was to appeal to a wide range of demographics with interactions having a variety of paces, some fast and fun , like an interactive quiz or revisiting a favorite TV clip, and others encouraging a longer dwell time, like discovering the first ever scale set of Monica's apartment built outside Warner Bros. Studios . All experiences needed to have content at the forefront encouraging visitors of all ages and from around the world to celebrate an iconic show through new technology.


We used everything at our disposal to satisfy requests like finding a Pivot! couch to place in a stairwell, and to replicate sets, not just with props, but with functioning cameras and lights that allowed fans to film scenes that looked entirely realistic when played back. Fans poured over every detail of the Central Perk set and stepped into Monica’s apartment to "get into the scene" by re-enacting show moments before watching playback of themselves with the cast in a composite of the scene. Guests lined up to peer through the peephole of the iconic purple door, tested their trivia knowledge, voted on famous guest appearances and explored a "tech timeline" of gadgets from the '90s through today. The pilot script was on display, costumes were showcased, and a karaoke booth even let guests record their own version of "Smelly Cat" with Phoebe offering tips and accolades for each performance.


Nothing like this had ever been done before – either at Warner Bros. Studios or most especially out in the world at a retail location. The sheer amount of square footage that was dedicated, the structural changes made to a building on San Francisco's historical registry, the installation of both permanent and temporary structures, the investment in digital technologies – both hardware and software; plus activations and stunts to extend the love to fans... literally every part of this experience was one-of-a-kind.

Success focused on in store visits, brand experience and driving impressions of the flagship location. In Q4, during the time of our activation, store visits increased by171% and we saw a 62& increase in brand perception. We also saw incredible numbers when it came to fans interacting with our content. Here are just a few results we saw:

o Behind The Scenes sessions: 25,738

o Knowing Friends