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The idea was to completely flip the conversation from ‘selling services’ to ‘declaring love’. This had never been done before in this sector in India.

We tapped into a treasure trove of various ‘India sector’ memories, experiences and stories that the BA crew had experienced over the 94 years that BA has been in India.

Real conversations, genuine moments, thoughtful gestures big and small, and relationships that were built, were all raw material to communicate the idea - #fuelledbylove.

The narrative was to be changed from BA claiming why they were the best option for Indian flyers to BA declaring its love for India and talking about the positive impact India has had on BA and its crew.

This would, therefore, become one partner (BA) in a slightly estranged relationship stretching out a hand to mend fences by declaring genuine love and care for the other partner (India).


The key piece in the campaign was a short film - #fuelledbylove. This film was an emotional documentary inspired by a real-life story of a young BA crew member and her relationship with an Indian grandmother that began on her maiden flight to India. A short real life story was turned into a powerful six-minute love story.

This was followed by a slew of static and audio-visual stories of BA crew and their relationships with India. Then came a grand gesture of love from BA to India. It was a crowd-sourced social media contest in which a young Indians could take their beloved grandparents on an all expenses paid trip to London on British Airways.

The campaign broke on all social media and the scale of the campaign can be judged by the fact that participation and response came from each and every corner of India and the globe.


Received close to 4 million views, 85,723 likes and 9226 shares, coverage by leading publications including WSJ, Conde Nast, BBC, Huffington Post, generating 128 pieces of coverage without paid media with an estimated PR value of $4 million. Declared the best Ad of the day AdWeek, it trended on Facebook for 56 hours and is the most successful British Airways campaign ever, globally.

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