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In prior marketing efforts, we noticed a high level of engagement when we included some data about the player’s gaming. So our insight was: why not use ALL of their gaming data to offer them up something truly unique? So we took each gamer’s stats from an entire year’s worth of gaming data and brought it to life. We had world-famous street artist Jeff Soto create hand-crafted illustrations based on gaming genres and styles – reflecting thousands of gaming variations in the data.

Next, we pulled the year-long stats from every player – more than 220 million hours and 3.6 billion data points in all – and matched each gamer’s data to the individual pieces of artwork to create a one-of-a-kind Gamercrest for every subscribed Xbox customer.


For this project, the data became the creative idea. Each player’s individual year-long stats (more than 220 hours of gaming data and 3.6 billion data points in all including statistics like time played, gamer score, achievements, types of games, community standings, 1st game played, 2nd game played, community average, community hours and scores of other data fields) were analyzed and matched to unique pieces of hand-crafted artwork that reflected thousands of gaming styles. Each player was then presented with their own, personalized Gamercrest, which reflected their exact style of game play.


We were not asking our current customers to buy anything. Our goal was to engage our audience and demonstrate how Xbox supports its gamers. Since this was a direct, email effort to our base, it was our intention to create social impressions - with no paid media. Additionally, in an effort to support the entire gaming community beyond our customers, we allowed non-Xbox gamers to create their own Gamercrest as well. This effort drove:

Social Impression: 6 million

Hours of gaming data analyzed: 220 million

Data points used to generate crests: 6.2 billion

New Gamercrests created each hour: 27,000/hour at the peak

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