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Gatorade Gx is a holistic sports fuel customization platform that combines cutting-edge science with tracking technologies to provide fueling recommendations specific to individuals. And such high-powered tech needs a personalized vessel - enter the Gx Collab Bottles.

Alongside athletes known the world over, Gatorade set out to redefine community through its limited edition bottles. These vessels let consumers rep their favorite athletes as well as let them customize the drinking cap. From Serena Williams to Bryce Harper, we put the spirit of power directly into the hands of athletes, allowing them to showcase their fervor for sports.

Gatorade Gx Collab Bottles aren’t just beverage holders, they’re a demonstration of what’s possible with commitment and passion.


From a creative standpoint, we wanted each bottle to hold up as a standalone product, but to also meld cohesively as a collection.

With such hectic schedules, we didn’t want the bottles to become an onus for the athletes. For this reason, we formulated a questionnaire that served as a base point for the Design Team. The survey included questions that facilitated a nuanced understanding of what makes the athletes tick. Extrapolating the elemental principles from their answers gave way to the range of bottle artwork now available, each telling a story of endurance and courage.

Ensuring the wider population felt represented in the designs was essential to us. This is why there are such varied designs, so everyone can find a bottle that speaks to them. The Gx Collab Bottles are more than vessels, they are a way to show athletes of all experience levels what tomorrow can be.


The motto ‘fuel tomorrow’ is emblazoned on all caps to serve as a reminder to athletes that what we do today, impacts tomorrow. Whilst all caps feature this ethos, individuals can also add a 12-character personalized message, allowing them to express themselves on the bottle.

To guarantee authenticity on behalf of the athletes as well as Gatorade, each design is unmistakably correlated. For example, when designing the DK Metcalf’s bottle, bright colors and engaging patterns were used as a nod to his style whilst his mantra, One of One, is featured to encourage the next generation to be unique and confident.

Ensuring consumers aligned with the designs was only part of our challenge; another focus was to perpetuate the dimensionalization of each of the athletes. Whilst most only know them on the court, field, or track, putting their personalities into the limelight was crucial to showcasing them in uncharted ways.


The expansion of the portfolio to include pattern bottles created a step-change for the business. Total audience reach increased by 58% compared to the previous 12 months, and Gx more than doubled its female audience share.

Gx Fuel Tomorrow Collections launched in 2022:

10,128,863,182 impressions

204 placements

$3,078,709 revenue

Breakdown of Metrics per Collection:

Chapter 2 Serena

$317,000 in revenue

Chapter 3 (For the Love of It/Summer)

9,486,154,116 Impressions

177 Placements

$2,128,709 in revenue

Chapter 4 (Community/Fall)

633,000 in revenue

642,709,066 impressions

27 placements

+85% growth at Dick’s Sporting Goods in P13 vs the prior period

74% growth on, P10-P13, vs. the prior 4 periods

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