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GREY INDIA, Mumbai / GILLETTE / 2020

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In India, the male grooming market has lost over 20 million consumers simply because there’s a segment of men that just detests shaving. The reason? Acne, skin burn, nicks and cuts... basically sensitive skin. Now that’s a considerable chunk of potential consumers just lying there untapped and ignored. And who can blame them, there has never been a razor to address their skin type. In that sense, the new Gillette SkinGuard is a razor unlike any other, it’s blades are designed to remove hair without even touching the skin! Thus ensuring that even men with sensitive skin achieve a smooth and comfortable shave. The aim then was to herald the arrival of this new grooming tool, band these men together and introduce them to a razor that cares for their skin as much as they do.


We set out to chronicle the pain that even the toughest of men feel irrespective of their backgrounds, professions or passions. Like a ballad for those who fear the act of shaving, because of their sensitive skin. We see these men in different situations, oddly enough, with foamed up faces. Be it a date, a meeting or even while doing dishes; they fear shaving so much that they just can’t go through with it. They sing about how they can surmount any obstacle but shaving. They pray for a razor that understands their fears and gives their skin the love it deserves. The film sees these men form a brotherhood of sorts, as they band together because of their shared fear of shaving! The lyrics themselves double up as a witty product demo in disguise. The introduction of the product eventually changes this fear into an unequivocal love for shaving!


The target audience was defined as 18-34-year-old males, mostly hailing from metros. They’re young working professionals at the beginning of their careers. Gutsy, opinionated and insta-tuned with the times. These are also men who take grooming seriously and invest in products that care for their skin. So rather than give them a boring old product demo, we decided to speak their language. We created an anthem that depicted the fear of shaving in a light-hearted and fun way. The anthem took on an irreverent tone that seemed like anything but a product demo. In fact, it was more of a rallying cry that banded these men together as they sang and yearned for a product that simply understands their skin woes. This hummable song was picked up by various influencers who shared the film, and also performed their own riffs of it over their foamed-up faces.


We launched the idea with a film, featuring Kenny Sebastain, Aditya Seal, Sumeet Vyas and other young, popular infuencers as our characters. By adopting a witty and irreverent take on the plight of these foam-faced men, we created an entertaining anthem that leads them to a brilliant solution to their peculiar problem. Right after the film was launched, our influencers pushed it out through their handles to their large base of followers, along with other smaller peices of content around it. This ensured high virality and traction on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. It ran during live sporting events on Hotstar, India's most popular OTT platform, as well as other youth entertainment platforms like Voot. Other Bollywood celebrites like Rajkummar Rao picked up this film and also shared their own foamed-up performances of the same. As a result of this buzz, #NoMoreFoamo trended at #2 on Twitter.


• The campaign grew business of Gillette premium system razors by 10%.

• It went viral with 24 million views, clocked an engagement of 25.97 million and had 320 million impressions.

• #NoMoreFoamo trended on Twitter throughout the campaign's launch.

• It also featured prominently during the year's most anticipated sporting event - the India vs South Africa cricket series, reaching over 10 million fans.

• Seeing celebrities make their own riff on the foam-face anthem resulted in the proliferation of user-generated content across key digital platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

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