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JCPR, London / SC JOHNSON / 2011

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How do you reawaken public interest in a carpet cleaning product memorable only for an advertising campaign and an infuriating jingle that had not appeared on the UK’s television screens for over 20 years, but this time without any advertising support? The brief was to exploit the 30th anniversary of the original advertising campaign for Shake n’ Vac to re-engage lapsed users, revitalise the brand, recruit a new generation of householders, and make it relevant to 21st century living. How? We unlocked the brand's strongest assets - it’s iconic 1980s TV advert and catchy jingle, and revitalized both through strategic celebrity endorsement supported by digital content. We unlocked the advertisement’s appeal to its original audience by remaking the advert with original celebrity star Jenny Logan, and we appealed to a new generation by remixing the catchy jingle with X-Factor twins Jedward. Finally we brought old and new together in a final piece of content featuring both Jenny Logan and Jedward thus transporting the brand into the 21st Century. The result was a celebrity-led fun and irreverent campaign that sparked conversation and drove engagement for the brand both online and offline, amongst media and more importantly consumers, delivering a 7% lift in sales.


A multi-channel communications campaign consisting of media interviews and a portfolio of digital content featuring both celebrities, including a planned 'leak' from Jedward’s high profile manager X-Factor judge Louis Walsh and over 1,500 branded tweets:• 12 April: Released film of Jenny Logan remaking the original ad • 15 April: One to one media interviews with Jenny Logan• 21 April: Nostalgia blogger Q&A session with Jenny Logan • 4 May: Photocall with Jedward at the recording studio remixing the jingle• 5 May: One to one media interviews with Jedward• 20 May: Released 'Making of...' film featuring behind the scenes footage of Jedward remixing the jingle, along with a downloadable ringtone of the new jingle, supported by back to back radio interviews with Jenny Logan• 14 June: 'The creation of 'Jenward' the final film in which Jenny teaches Jedward how to Shake n’ Vac


• Sales of Shake n’ Vac increased by 7% during the campaign, after years of steady decline and without any above the line support• This dramatic improvement in the brand’s commercial fortunes was driven by:• Over 200 pieces of campaign coverage across print, online and blog channels, delivering a cumulative reach of almost 160 million OTS, including:• Features in all of the UK’s mass market newspapers• National exposure on all of the main television channels• Almost 100,000 views of a dedicated Shake n’ Vac YouTube channel • Over 16,000 visitors to the campaign websiteThe exclusive online distribution of content (as opposed to an ATL campaign) along with Jedward’s remix ensured that we gave the brand a truly contemporary feel, which did not lose sight of its roots as Jenny Logan was leveraged throughout.

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