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Unilever is working with governments, health agencies and non-profit groups to advocate the importance and practice of handwashing with soap at the right times during the day.

Lifebuoy offers affordable, accessible soaps to help communities around the world improve hygiene through handwashing. But in an emerging market like Indonesia, handwashing is largely unpractised especially in remote regions.

To educate consumers about the importance of handwashing and raise awareness of the brand, Lifebuoy foundation in partnertship with local village organization built a campaign ‘Help a child reach 5’ targeting mothers and children specially in rural areas. The campaign featured a video during the Global Handwashing period on our HD instant Play video platform to be able to deliver sharp, seamless and immersive HD mobile experience even in villages with poor connectivity, and get very good resutls haven’t seen before.


To complement TV and online channels, Lifebuoy wanted to tap into mobile to expand target reach while encouraging interaction with the video through social media sharing and the provision of a carousel gallery.

• Our Instant-Play Video platform: we ran our Instant-Play HD video with zero buffering technology to allow for instantaneous play of the video and enable target audience to enjoy a seamless and immersive mobile experience.

• Our End Card. We used a dynamic end card after the video to engage with the target audience. Users were able to browse through cards with messages and pictures, and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube resulting in great customer engagement with Lifebuoy and brand recall.

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