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Go Big On The Little Things

FINCH, Sydney / ALDI / 2024

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The director tapped into yuletide chaos to create this relatable celebration of the little things we obsess over at Christmas time. The surreal musical campaign was shot in a heightened visual style. The director played with scale, shrinking the characters down for the finale sequence so that they are dwarfed by their beloved side dishes, tying in the concept of “going big on the little things”. This effect was achieved in a studio set, where a giant table top of sides was recreated then refined with the use of CG. He also directed the performances so that people are absolutely unhinged by their obsession. In an irreverent take on the iconic track “I've Had The Time of My Life”, the director had the performers record the song in an imperfect, half-spoken style.


ALDI’s “Go Big Big on the Little Things” is a surreal journey into the feverish mayhem of Christmas cooking. Set to a daring take on the hit song “I've Had The Time of My Life”, the spot encourages shoppers to create delectable Christmas spreads by embracing the magic of side dishes. From a life-sized Brussels sprout, to a mountain of carrots, to a singing potato, “Go Big Big on the Little Things” is a joyfully offbeat celebration of festive feasting.

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