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AGENCE .V., Saint-Ouen / VOLKSWAGEN / 2013

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France imposes strong regulations in terms of advertising, especially in the car industry :

- Forbidden to convey speed

- Forbidden to underline engine speed, or even braking capacity otherwise than in a security related way

- Forbidden to show vehicle in any nother situation than normal

- Forbidden to show vehicle in any situation in non-conformity with DMV regulations, or presenting any form of danger for driver and / or occupant / pedestrian


This mobile application / game was available on both Android and IOS platforms. Using a badge-like leveling system earning you points and badges as you went up the ladder, we also offered various prizes at various levels : downloadable music, iPhones, trips to Wolfsburg (birthtown of the Golf) and up to the final prize : the new Golf. Every picture / challenge could be shared through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to get even more points.


- 6 weeks of challenge

- 60,000 downloads of the app (3rd best of the French Apple Store)

- More than 170,000 pictures collected

- 60,000 challenges unlocked

- +150,000 tweets … 3 pictures taken every minute of the game !

- In addition, various countries are adapting the game for their market (including local challenges and prizes).

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