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MULLENLOWE SSP3, Bogota / OMO / 2023

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For many years, Unilever’s brand Dirt Is Good (known as OMO, Persil, Skip, Surf Excel, Rinso and Breeze, depending on your location) has been challenging category perceptions with one key message; that dirt isn’t something we have to put up with, instead it should be embraced as part of a life well lived. The consistent application of the global platform helped Dirt Is Good become a €4 billion brand, which is now present in half a billion households. This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of other brands and the stains that they create; stains that are the result of life’s most unforgettable moments, whether that’s playful times from childhood, family meals, or gatherings with friends. Usually brands compete against each other, but we realise the great contribution that other brands make to our purpose. Our campaign says ‘Thank You’ to those brands by celebrating their everyday stains.


For the ‘Thank you’ campaign, we wanted to capture the essence of the Dirt Is Good brand - people enjoying and embracing stains and dirt as part of a life well lived. In doing so, we also sought to reflect the values of the brands we’re thanking. Through the photography for Hellmann’s, we want to represent a casual moment between friends of different ages, who have continued to connect with each other throughout their life.


The overall campaign had the following results:

+20k impacts

+80 M reach

Positive "Dirt is good" sentiment during the campaign was 96%.

We have an engagement rate of +14%

The most valuable engagement was the response from the different brand managers whom we thanked:

* Christina Bauer-Plank, Global Brand Vice President Hellmann's at Unilever "You are an inspiration and can be very proud. Happy to contribute to many more Hellmann's spots in the future."

* Frank Haresnape,Global Vice President Knorr & Scratch Cooking "Knorr is working hard to send you MANY more!!!!"

* Julien Barraux, CMO Ice Cream at Unilever "Great campaign!"

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