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DDB BRASIL, Sao Paulo / AMBEV / 2013

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Guarana Antarctica, the most popular soft drink brand in Brazil was the first company in the country to have 10 million fans on Facebook. In order to celebrate these numbers, thank its fans and draw the attention of the general public, we didn't create a huge campaign of films, ads and banners. We decided to change the product creating a celebration edition of 10 million cans, not in the traditional green colour but in blue, Facebook’s blue.

Success happened almost instantly: fans were very excited on social networks taking pictures of the cans; in supermarkets, the product soon disappeared from the shelves. Even without a traditional advertising campaign to support the action, it became national news. Celebrities and athletes appeared holding the new can in their hands. More than 60 articles talking about the blue can were published around the country (a very relevant number for the Brazilian market). One of the most popular humour TV shows took a Facebook fan to deliver personally a blue can to Facebook’s headquarters in New York.

The action is still on: in sites of buying and selling it is possible to find it for a price much higher than the original one. The PR strategy helped to transform an ordinary change in colour of the packaging into a great national success. And the blue can has become a collector’s item.


The solution was to create something fun, where young people could interact, participate and at the same time, something that was useful, real, something they could really relate to. That’s why we created “Post Brothers”. A kind of curatorship of friends for Internet posts. Before posting anything, secretly check with your friend and save face.


Post Brothers is an app that was created on Guarana Antarctica’s Facebook page, that has 10 million fans. Before posting any video on the Internet, the user can choose 3 friends to assess it. Everything is done secretly. The friends will then say: go ahead or don’t do it. After all, a poorly made video, a weird dance, a song sung out of key or a love declaration made to the wrong person, may cause irreversible damages to a young person.

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