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TAYLOR, New York / DIAEGO / 2022

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Just like the love of football, Guinness also has a fan base of passionate admirers. And this beer brand wanted to break into football drinking occasions in a way that felt as authentic and iconic as the brand itself.

Knowing the budget was a small one (approximately 15k), there had to be a clever way to achieve the results we wanted–for Guinness to be top of mind during football watching occasions. Finding a partner to help us create 3-4 unique pieces of content was imperative.


In order to reach the avid, beer-drinking, football fan, we needed to create a piece that was thumb stopping. We took the iconic Guinness Draught pint and reimagined it in the football space–revamping an old classic into a new, American beacon of football love.

We used a visual language that both fans of football and Guinness could understand in order to have consumers associate game time with Guinness time. The union of the pint and football scenarios made for stunning visuals for both organic and paid social media.


To recreate the classic and iconic Guinness pint for the NFL playoffs, Super Bowl, and NFL Draft season, we sourced recognizable, football-inspired visuals and manipulated them with lighting, color-correction, photography montaging, and CGI to produce a campaign that communicated that Guinness is a natural choice for the passionate fan.

Once the base images were chosen, the artist, art directors, and designers added computer generated elements to form the iconic Guinness pint with a football story. From the delicate and ethereal glows, the calculated highlights, and strategic fades, all the effects applied separately came together to perfectly parallel the white foam head of this famous stout pint. Football-loving consumers were delighted to see their favorite sport and favorite pint come together.


Content drove excitement & brand visibility for Guinness throughout key Playoff and Super Bowl moments. Organic average engagement across channels ranged from 20-50% higher than previous football content and were the 2nd & 3rd highest performing posts of 2022 just a week after posting. Comment sentiment echoed a connection to the iconic graphic imagery and mentioned Guinness as part of their game day experience.

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