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AB INBEV, Buenos Aires / ANDES ORIGEN, AB INBEV / 2019

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New, small, nicely crafted provincial beer brand that fights against a huge established 50 year old one in the core-plus market of beers just above the mainstream brands

Brief: To bring a new option to a pretty much monopolized market niche with a new, refreshing option.

Objectives: To break Imperial (that’s the name of the leader) imperialism and bring a new option into public consideration.


The creative and strategic idea is so simple and almost dull that is embarrassing to describe:

The idea is to approach the market humbly and subtly, through a very minimal concept “Gustito” which in Spanish means both “little treat” and “subtle taste”. And expressing that in a very small, careful and tasteful way, free of marketing- bullshit temptations.

Old practices and new ways of doing communication came together: tile art advertising meets Instagram-meets contemporanean artist Jean Julien-meets and old and fucked up Renault 4 with loud speakers on top. Parties? No. Pictures of sexy girls and boys? No. Pictures of beer? Errrrr… No.

Gustito represents that way and we are happy this brand is liked not because it tries too hard but because it tries just a bit, normally…


We decided to mix traditional and old media with some very specific social platforms.

We did outdoor, but not traditionally but hyper traditionally, which paradoxically came across as new. Tile advertising/ cars with loudspeakers naming the brand on the streets/AM radio ads.

Packaging, labels, logos, everything had a very tasteful feel.

Plus… every post in social media had a sense of taste and a dedication in its writing that didn’t feel like posted by a bored community manager. Less is more is the spirit of the brand. Less but good.

Vintage? Not necessarily. Just simply basic. Jean Julien, the artist commissioned, it’s very contemporanean, but the love and care we put in every execution should talk about the care there is in the beer itself. People could feel and recognize this and then they could see that was consistent with the quality of the beer itself.


In four months we had (very heavily audited):

Top of Mind

4 out of ten persons knew of Andes Origen in the first months

Beer/Wine market

35% of people who adopted Andes Origen also drink wine, which reflects a good

understanding of the tonality of the brand and positioning

Market share against wine.

Andes Origen got a 1.2 percent of share won against wines.

While Imperial (leader in the sector had a 3% share in the overall market

Andes Origen won a 1.9% of share in only 9 months, which is a bit of a miracle since

Imperial is loved and has been in the market forever