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Hand meets Hand

HAKUHODO INC., Tokyo / TIFFANY & CO. / 2017

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Our idea was to create a brand book in which lovers’ hands act as a

picture book. In short, we selected hands to be the media. A couple

becomes something special when their hands first touch. Their pledge

of love, in the form of a ring, rests on their hands. And even when

death is about to part them, one will surely hold the other’s hand to the

very end. A couple’s story begins, flourishes, and finishes with hands.

Hands, the ultimate media to express love.


We set up a projection system modeled after a New York streetlight at

Tiffany’s Ginza Signature store. When a couple put their hands under

the streetlight, an animated story is projected on their hands. When

two hands touch and open like a book, the story unveils itself by the

sensor which detects their hand movements, At the conclusion of the

story, the projector displays a wedding proposal and fits an

engagement ring on the woman’s ring finger. We realized an original

story with scenario options and autograph by each couple which is

projected on hands at the end of story.


About 2,100 couples took part in the event in 6 weeks. On one day,

waiting time required as long as 5 hours, and we had to turn away

200 couples. Some people made use of the event to actually propose

to their partner.

- 58.6% of the participants shared their experience.

- 71.5 % of the people had a favorable impression of the brand.

- Triggered an intention to purchase in about 50% of the participants.

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