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Durex, the leading condom brand, has been looking to normalise and celebrate sex since 1929. Its aim is to “unleash the freedom to be your true sexual self”, with the commitment of promoting real, diverse, taboo-free, inhibition-free and above all, safe for everyone, sex.

To make this possible, we need to take a step back. Starting at the beginning. With sex education. And in Spain, it's an important subject that is still pending. Gen Z finds non-expert alternatives in order to learn about sex. But it's idealised sex full of clichés, where condoms aren't used or even mentioned.

Durex therefore needs to (1) raise awareness and give young people (between the ages of 14 and 25) the tools to enjoy and explore their true sexual self safely, (2) become an expert reference in sex education and, as a result, (3) increase condom sales.


Given the lack of sex education, we need to provide this information in an appealing way, which catches the attention of an elusive audience that rejects advertising and traditional media. How? By creating a useful platform that they choose to follow of their own volition.

That is how we created “Hay Tema” (an informal expression with a sexual connotation that means “something is going on here”, referring to sex) by Durex, the first 24/7 service for young people to answer their questions and doubts about sex. An open, two-way and interactive platform aimed at filling the gap for a generation that needs a safe place to talk about real, safe sex. An initiative that speaks their language, in a place where they learn and can be themselves: TikTok


To shape the “Hay Tema” platform, we began by joining the platform of the moment, where Gen Z spends a lot of time and consumes educational content: TikTok (94% of users in Spain say they have learnt new things via the platform).

However, it's not enough just to create a brand profile and become another profile. We needed an appealing channel for our target audience, with content that matched the level of other content on TikTok. Short, dynamic audiovisual content. A positive initiative that focuses on pleasure, promotes safe sex, teaches sexual practices and diversity, breaks taboos and answers questions about condoms and lubricants. With the target audience at the core. And accessible experts. Where their favourite influencers also appear, the ones they connect and identify with, who will help us to get rid of inhibitions and encourage them to share doubts and questions about sex.


To create “Hay Tema'' as a 24/7 sexual platform, we relied on expert sexologists and specialists in areas such as LGTBIQ+, sex and the digital world, porn representatives and TikTok influencers that talk about real sex to young people. How? With short videos that take advantage of TikTok's features and that are based on real questions selected month to month. To make this possible, we have a team of specialists and community managers ready to answer in real time.

An initiative that we launched with a paid media campaign, playing with double meanings. And, at the same time, we worked with key influencers for our target audience, such as Marina Rivers or Rubenji, flooding the platform with questions and encouraging users to share their own.

We also defined an organic and paid always-on strategy, where the content evolves and we use the platform's formats/codes, such as street interviews.


In just 8 months, we have managed to create:

A leading sex education platform in Spain with +120 million views (192% more than the goal) and a community of +310,000 followers (65% more than the goal). With Durex being the 5th brand with the most interactions on TikTok in Spain. And the first brand in terms of Sex Education.

A new, non-invasive strategical point of contact for the brand with Gen Z, amassing more than 35,000 comments and receiving thousands of questions.

Branded content that promotes safe sex, with an impact on condom (+7 points) and lubricant (+9) purchases.

And, the most important thing, a safe space, given a rating of 8.1 out of 10 by the target audience. Also, thanks to the “Hay Tema” content, they now have the sex educat

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