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DANILO BLACK, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon / MEGA ALIMENTOS / 2017

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“Salsa La Botanera”, which means “Sauce For Snacks”, limits its use for snacks only, so our biggest obstacle was the brand name itself. We couldn't change the brand name but we could change the consumer's perception towards its use.

Changing the meaning of words is very common in Mexico. “Jefa” translates to female boss but is commonly used as slang to refer to the word "mother", in the same way that “botana”, which means snack, can refer to something cool or entertaining.

This was our key insight for the campaign concept: #HazloBotana (#MakeItBotana) which, instead of placing the product on grandma's table, allowed us to take the dishes to the next level: the Botanera level. How? Making them more “botana”!

“Hazlo Botana”, a call to action that invites you to use Salsa La Botanera on any dish, that enhances flavor and takes the dish to a new dimension.


We translated this graphically using wordplay from Mexican slang, in which Salsa La Botanera was portrayed as the main element that transformed the name of classics dishes into simple, dope terms that would be easily understood by all and with much more “flave”.

The campaign was created with vibrant colors, combining 3D modelling techniques to create letters out of hot sauce and to give the Salsa La Botanera bottle the same depth, light and texture as the sauce, and photo retouching of a photographic production of 5 selected dishes. The final graphic integration could be easily customizable to any format and allowed a clean and simple composition that could be recognized at a distance.

Accompanied by each dish, the product become the primary element in the campaign, proving that “Salsa La Botanera” cannot only be used for snacks, but also to make “botana” out of everything.


Although well positioned in the northern region of the country, Salsa La Botanera was looking to position its sauce in the central region where Salsa Valentina has been the top of mind of consumers for more than 50 years.

The campaign was launched in march 2017 in Mexico City mainly through traditional media and, only within this first month of the campaign, Salsa la Botanera has achieved an increase in sales of 20.8% and an increase in overall reach of 23%.

Looking forward to the advances in sales and reach as a result of the campaign in the following months, we expect our audience to continue making “botana” out of the unexpected and submerging into the Salsa La Botanera experience: ¡Hazlo Botana!